Rosenbaum Slams Gov. Hogan For Fundraising Off Of Baltimore City Homicide Numbers

BALTIMORE, MD – Today, entrepreneur Mike Rosenbaum issued the following statement slamming Governor Larry Hogan for fundraising off of Baltimore City’s homicide numbers. The statement comes on the heels of Governor Hogan and Comptroller Franchot slamming Baltimore City Public Schools for a lack of air conditioning in the classroom despite previously supporting the City’s efforts to equip all schools with air conditioning by the ​​2022-2023 school year. Under current leadership, the population in Baltimore has declined by 5.7% over the past decade.

“This is what frustrates everyday people about politicians: They talk about problems. They fundraise off problems, but they don’t actually solve problems,” said entrepreneur and Democratic candidate for Governor Mike Rosenbaum. “It is appalling that a sitting Governor would raise money off of the death, violence, and generational trauma caused by gun violence. Instead of fixing the problem, current statewide leadership treats the City of Baltimore as a punching bag rather than a partner. As Governor, I will continue to be engaged in the city where I’ve raised my family and helped create jobs and opportunity.”