Transform Maryland is Mike’s bold, innovative plan to move over 250,000 Marylanders, including 100,000 African American families, into good-paying careers – opportunities many don’t currently have. It will create jobs in health care, technology, skilled trades, and specialized manufacturing, and raise wages by more than $38,000 per year on average regardless if a person went to college or has any prior experience.

Transform Maryland builds upon what is required to help more Marylanders access opportunity and good-paying careers. That’s why everyone enrolled will receive at least $15 an hour, have access to affordable childcare, and benefit from real investments in public transit. It will grow our economy and create more revenue to invest in key priorities like K-12 education and mass transit while we move more Marylanders into good-paying jobs at the same time.

This is the bold, innovative thinking our state needs. Instead of raising taxes, our government will do a better job spending the resources we already have and finally solve many of the problems that have existed in our state for far too long. 


Tackling barriers to work, from child care to transportation

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered all of our lives and our jobs. From major supply chain issues to the meteoric rise of remote work, the pandemic has changed the economy in ways both big and small. In other ways, though, it has simply exposed challenges that have existed for years, if not decades – making solutions all the more urgent.

Even before the pandemic, Marylanders trying to find and hold good-paying jobs faced too many obstacles – jobs that do not cover the cost of living and child care, a lack of access to skills training (or inability to afford it), inadequate public transportation to get to work, personal or familial health issues, and skyrocketing child care costs, to name just a few.

Mike’s plan for Maryland will only be able work if Marylanders are able to work.

Here is Mike’s plan to make it easier to work – especially for those undergoing training to pursue new careers and better-paying jobs. We simply cannot afford to continue to allow so many talented, ambitious Marylanders to be held back in their careers and their lives because of our failure to provide the support they need to succeed.

My plan tackles head on some of the biggest barriers to success for working families – skyrocketing child care costs, deteriorating public transportation, and bridging the gap to the first paycheck.

To read the full Making It Easier to Work plan, please click here.


Maryland 2030 will create opportunity for 250,000+ Marylanders and raise wages by more than $38,000 in the first four years of Mike’s term.

During Mike’s first term in office, he will provide over 250,000 new careers right here in Maryland. That’s right—over 250,000 Marylanders moving into careers in areas such as health care, manufacturing, skilled trades, and technology. And we will do it while raising wages for participants by an average of more than $38,000 per year. Maryland 2030 will also deliver an equitable future by helping to narrow the wage gap between Black and white workers—providing at least 100,000 African American families an opportunity into the middle class and to create intergenerational wealth.

We need to unlock the talent of every Marylander and focus on the assets we already have as a state—including Fort Meade, Aberdeen, Proving Ground, and NASA; our universities; our health-care facilities; specialized manufacturing in the northern and western parts of the state; and demand in skilled trades; while also providing funding for vacancies across state government. That way, we can create real careers for all Marylanders.

To read the full Maryland 2030 plan, please click here.