Thank you

For more than 20 years I’ve dedicated my life’s work toward helping to create more pathways into the middle class and to ensure that more Marylanders and Americans can achieve economic security and dignity. My campaign was launched around the vision that Maryland can and must do more to help Marylanders achieve economic security and become a model for how to rebuild our systems to enable every person to have dignity. I will continue to advocate for this vision, but at this time, I have concluded that a campaign for governor is not the most effective way forward in achieving the kind of change I believe is necessary for Maryland to thrive. Therefore, I have decided to end my campaign for governor and return to the private sector. As an entrepreneur, I’ll continue to champion my belief that we should not shy away from what is possible simply because it is difficult. I look forward to supporting whichever candidate ultimately becomes our nominee and offer my sincere gratitude to my staff, volunteers, and donors who supported our campaign.